Green Forest Mustangs

The State of Missouri released the Annual Performance Report (APR) for all districts and schools in the state earlier this month. The information is public for all schools and can be found on the DESE website.  This year's APR score is the first year in which the standards set forth in the Missouri School Improvement Plan 6 (MSIP 6) are used to calculate the district's overall score. Per statute, the APR score cannot cause a school district's accreditation to go down in the first two years of implementation. This means that the APR score for this year and next year will be baseline scores that the district will use to continue to strive for improvement, but will not be used by the state to determine accreditation. 

There are several factors that go into our APR score. Seventy percent of the score is determined by academic achievement factors such as MAP test status and growth, and 8th grade EOC scores. We have released our MAP data in the past and Green Forest had another great year of test data. Green Forest received full points for status and 96% of the points possible for growth. The other factors that determine our APR score are things like attendance rate, our Continuous School Improvement Plan, timely submission of required documents to the state, Kindergarten entry assessments, and our individual career and academic plan completed by our 8th grade students each year. 

I am extremely happy to share with everyone that we received and overall score of 98.8%. This was actually the highest overall APR score of any district in the State of Missouri.  This is no doubt a result of the hard work of our teachers and students, but is also a testament to the support we receive from the Board of Education and Green Forest community. To see our full APR report, click here

I also want to express that the APR is just one point of data for the school. There are so many other services and positive things happening in the building that are not measurable with numbers and data.  I am honored to be a part of such an amazing district. Thank you.