Green Forest Mustangs


Third through Eighth Grade Families, 

I would like to personally thank you for all your help this school year.  You are the most important part of your child’s education, and I know I can count on you to help out during MAP testing time next week.   

We will begin MAP testing on April 19 and finish on April 29. MAP tests are very important in the state of Missouri. They serve as a gauge to your child’s progress in English Language Arts, Math, and Science. In addition, these tests can help the district’s accreditation rating with the state.  We have a great school, and we need to show the state we do!  Your child is prepared for these assessments.  My goal now is to make sure your child is successful in all areas that relate to positive assessment results.      

Here’s what I need you to do to help your child next week.  First of all, set bedtime a little earlier.  A little extra rest can go a long way to test success!  Second, make sure your child eats breakfast either at home or at school!  It’s hard to focus on a test when you’re concentrating on your hunger pains.  Your child’s teacher should also be contacting you about helping provide some good, nutritious mid-morning snacks for the class next week.  We appreciate anything you can provide in this area.  Third, make sure your child is at school every day and is here on time to take the tests with the rest of the class.  Research shows that students who have to do “makeup tests” normally do not perform as well on these assessments.  Finally, encourage your child to do his/her very best without stressing him/her out!  Encourage your child by telling him/her how proud you are of his/her efforts, because the results are important.  You might also want to give your child a little reward for doing his/her best! 

  Your child’s scores on the MAP test will follow him/her their entire educational career and will be a part of their permanent record.  Because it is so important to your child’s future, we will be rewarding students if their scores are within an acceptable level for state accreditation. This reward might include bowling, roller skating, a swimming party, or another fun activity.  The eighth graders will also get a reward even though they will be at the high school.  In addition, we will be giving out daily rewards for attendance and effort.  Finally, students can earn time to participate in the PTO Fun Day on May 9th.  Even though we are offering all these incentives, it’s still going to come down to your child sitting down and doing his/her job to the best of his/her ability!  Please talk to your child extensively about these things next week!!      

Once again, thank you for all of your support!!  I know I can count on you to help set your child up for success on the MAP test next week!!  When we all work together the children win. 


 Kriste Crocker