A month of school has passed, and I want to thank everyone for an awesome start to the year. I cannot emphasize enough how lucky I feel to be a part of this district. Our staff has been working very hard setting routines and gathering baseline data to monitor progress throughout the year. I have seen our teachers and aides working with students in small groups and 1-on-1 instruction extensively throughout each day. The intensive individual and small group instruction that is taking place is unique to our school and research shows that nothing is more impactful on academic growth than these methods of instruction. Please keep encouraging your students to read every night and to try their very best in school. Remember to visit our web page at www.gfr2.k12.mo.us for additional information and like our page on Facebook as we will be sending more and more information out through it as the year goes on.

            For the past two years free meals were provided for all students at school. That program and funding was a pandemic relief program that is no longer in place. This means that meals are no longer free for everyone but must once again be paid for. Breakfast is $2.00 and lunch is $2.60 for students. These are the minimum prices that we are legally allowed to charge. In order to qualify for free or reduced lunch prices, you must have completed and turned in an application for the current school year. Approval is based on income limits that are outlined on the application. These do not carry over year to year and a new one must be turned in at the beginning of each year. To make payments onto your student’s account simply send cash or check with them to school to turn into their teacher or you can drop it off directly in the office to Ms. Marsha. Student’s with an excessive negative balance may be offered an alternative lunch.

            A few other reminders as we continue through the school year. If you pick your student up after school, please pull into the drive that is nearest the cemetery and follow the road behind the staff parking lot and around to the front of the building. Car riders are dismissed at 3:30 and it would help if you arrived at the school as close as 3:30 as possible.

             The month of October marks the beginning of our 7th and 8th grade basketball season. The schedule of games is posted on our website and available in the app. Be sure to check it out and be ready to cheer on our students as they play throughout the year. Remember that as fans, you too are representatives of the Green Forest district. I encourage you to be positive and to show everyone else why Green Forest is the best school in the state.