Fly Guy

Mustang Family Reading Guide

Fly Guy Presents Firefighters

Get Ready to Read:

  • Find a comfortable spot for you and your family to read together such as the couch, bed or on the floor.
  • Talk about how much you like reading and how excited you are about this book.
  • Make a list together of what you each know about firefighters.
  • Look at the cover and use questions like the following to guide your conversation:
    • What’s the title of this book?
    • Who is the author?
    • What is happening in the picture on the cover?
    • By looking at the picture on the cover, what do you think you will learn from this book?
  • Discuss if this book is fiction or nonfiction and why.
  • Connect this book to the world.
    • Why do you think the author used photographs instead of only illustrations in this book?
    • How do you feel about firefighters after reading this book?

Reading the Book:

  • Look through the book and discuss any words you think might be new to your student.
  • Stop during the story and have family members make note of anything new they have learned.

After Reading the Book:

  • Have your student tell you what they learned about firefighters from the book.
  • Did anything they learn surprise them about being a firefighter?

Extend the Experience:

  • Discuss or have your child draw or write about a being a firefighter.
  • Send me pictures or stories of your family reading time to or 573-247-0757.
  • Share your student’s writing or drawing about the story with me at or 573-247-0757.

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