Green Forest APP

Recent weather forecasts are predicting a significant amount of snow in our area beginning Tuesday evening.  I want to remind everyone of our procedures in the event that we have to cancel school due to inclement weather. First of all, the 5 school districts in the county decide together on whether to have school or not. If any 2 of the 5 districts vote to cancel school, then all 5 districts in the county close. This is an agreement that has been in place for decades and it is done that way to avoid confusion for families in the county. Second, notification of school closure will be done in multiple methods of communication. We will send an all-call out and a text message through our student notification system. We will also send a push notification out through the Green Forest App that can be downloaded in the Apple and Android app stores. An announcement will be posted on our Twitter and Facebook pages. Lastly, we send the cancellation into local news stations KY3, KOLR 10, and KSMO for them to broadcast and post on their websites as well.  Our hope is that in the event that school is cancelled, everyone will be notified in a timely manner through at least one of the methods listed above.  

Our calendar has the maximum number of built in inclement weather hours required by the State of Missouri. This means that there is no change to our calendar in the event that school is cancelled due to inclement weather. We do not have to make-up days missed by adding them onto the end of the year or changing any breaks planned during the remaining months of school. 

Our hope is to always be in session and here learning. However, it is the time of year when we seem to have our most snow and have to make those tough decisions of whether to cancel school or not. Our goal is to make sure that in those times that all families will be properly notified in a timely manner. Thank you.