It is hard to believe that February is here. I am so proud of the hard work our students and teachers put in every day. Great things are happening in every classroom. We have some teachers, aides, high school students, and volunteers that are currently available for tutoring Monday through Thursday each week until 4:30. If you are interested in your student participating on any of those days, contact the office and we can work to set up a time with one of our available tutors. Our teachers constantly track each student’s progress and mastery of required standards. Your child’s teacher may also reach out to you and ask about their ability to stay for additional instructional support if necessary. We have a great staff, and we provide numerous supports throughout the regular school. After school tutoring is just one more tool and option, we offer to further increase each students academic achievement.

Please be sure to update any contact information if that becomes necessary. It is important that we keep our system up to date so that we can always contact you when necessary. We have had several inclement weather days recently and February is generally the month where we miss the most school due to winter weather. We want to be sure that all families receive proper and timely notifications in the event that school must be called due to weather. Every single bus route travels a significant amount of time down gravel roads that don’t receive treatment. Often times, these roads are shaded by trees and take a significant amount of time more to clear. The safety of our students and bus drivers is always the top priority when making the difficult decision of whether or not to have school. We never want to miss a day with our students, but we also never want to put our drivers and students on the bus in a dangerous situation. 

Just a couple of other reminders as we continue through this year. First, please be monitoring your child’s health daily. If they are not feeling well, please do not send them to school. Contact the office or your child’s teacher and we can have work for that day put together and available to be picked up. Second, February has become the month with the coldest weather and most snow. Please send your student to school in warm clothes. If you need any warm clothes such as gloves, coats, or hats, just contact the office. We have received some donations of clothes this year from local businesses and have some items in our closet here. Lastly, it is truly great to be a Mustang. We are so fortunate to have a great board, amazing teachers, awesome students, and supportive families. This place is special and unlike any other school I have been a part of. I feel so lucky to be a part of it, and I hope you do, too. Thank you and let’s have a great rest of the year. 

Important dates in February

6th – 10th – Spirit Week

17th – No School/PD Day

20th – No School/President’s Day

21st – Board Meeting


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